Monitor & Manage
AV Systems

Relying on virtualization to provide unparalleled flexibility and reliability, ISAAC is a modular platform that lets you monitor and manage your AV systems all from a web browser.

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ISAAC Prelude 200 Series hardware for av monitoring and management

Foundation 100 Series New!

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Small Size, Big Power, Easy Setup.


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ISAAC Workspace

Monitor and manage your AV system from anywhere.

One Portal

ISAAC Workspace is accessible from any device connected to your network using a standard web browser.

Your entire workflow and experience is inside the native web app to simplify everything. Its flexibility and ease of use provides all the benefits you need to succeed.

Composition of ISAAC Workspace screens

System-wide Monitoring

Critical or not, every part of your system requires your attention when they break or fail. With ISAAC, you can set up alerts to be ready when anything needs some fixing.

Easily monitor system status, search through logs, check device connections, and automate computer setup.

Mockup of AV monitoring and management in ISAAC

Global Management

Manage users access, create panels, set sessions duration, PINs, and passwords. Backup and restore with a single click. Reboot computers, suspend virtual machines, and implement automated shutdown rules.

Media management is also part of it all. Ingest, distribute, schedule, and more.

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ISAAC Platform

ISAAC is a multifaceted platform that aims to redefine the way AV systems are deployed, monitored and managed.

AV meets IT

ISAAC is a hosting platform that brings sensible IT concepts and technologies within the more conventional Audio Video workflow.  
Its ability to run multiple applications and operating systems inside the same physical unit creates an incredible opportunity for hardware consolidation and redundancy while favoring efficiency and sustainability.

ISAAC is also highly scalable, accommodating for a simple lobby Media Wall environment to an entire world-class theme park.

Illustration of audio and video being controlled by ISAAC

Highly Dependable

Discover an unprecedented level of reliability and minimum downtime.

Deeply Integrated

Combine a multitude of systems to collaborate and synergies together.

Accessible from Anywhere

Extend your productivity and workflow beyond your equipment room.

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ISAAC Ecosystem

We partner with leading technology companies to build integrations that make your work faster, smarter, and easier.

Project Showcase

Discover where and how ISAAC is contributing to successful installations.