ISAAC Workspace

The one place to access everything you need.

A Unified Experience

ISSAC Workspace is the one place to access everything you need to monitor and manage your AV systems all from a web browser.

Illustration of multiple ISAAC screens

See The Future

Programing a custom solution for your AV system can be stressful. With ISAAC Workspace, you and your clients can have peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect from the start.

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Always Evolving

ISAAC Workspace is always evolving and improving with new technologies, features, tools, partners, and everything else that helps make ISAAC Workspace the perfect AV management solution.

Illustration of research going into a machine and outputting ISAAC screens
Mockup of multiple ISAAC screens showing AV monitoring and management

Access Management

Secure your system and mitigate risk with a robust user management implementation.

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ISAAC Connect

Remote in and work instantly with a clientless  access session to any machine.


Embed web pages, link control UIs, access devices, and view documents, seamlessly.


Keep track of every changes in your system, leveraging powerful search tools.

Alerts & Notifications

Get notified when there are problems with your system. Get alerts in ISAAC, by email, and even Teams or Slack.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Get the insights you need to monitor the critical elements of your infrastructure.


Schedule actions and content with an easy, drag and drop, user-friendly interface.

Content Management

Content ingest and management, media compositions, playlisting, and much more.

Document Center

A central repository for all the system documentation, user manuals, and SOPs.

Access Management

Provide users with their own individual credentials. Temporarily disable them with a click if needed.

Add user modal
animation of defining role permissions

Access Management

Define roles for each part of the Workspace so you can determine who has appropriate access level to the system.

Access Management

Manage access security with granular password settings, expiration policy, and login tracking.

Changing password complexity levels.
Icon for ISAAC Connect

ISAAC Connect

Remote access to any machine from within ISAAC Workspace. No plugins required.

ISAAC Connect supports Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP), Virtual Network Computing (VNC), Secure Shell (SSH), and Telnet.

Logging screenshot


Easily log any variable from your system with a single click in Activity Logs.


Track user actions in the Action Log so you keep an eye on the whos, when's and what's.

Screenshot of action logs
Screenshot of filtered searching


Navigate through logs using powerful search tools and custom presets.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor past and current health for assets like Windows computers, web pages, and any network connected devices.

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Laptop mockup of the ISAAC Workspace Asset Dashboard for Infrastructure Monitoring

Alerts & Notifications

Easily create alerts with customizable trigger conditions. Assign criticality and select recipients.

Screenshot of alerts page
ISAAC screen showing the process for adding integration for slack and teams

Alerts & Notifications

Get notified in Teams or Slack to keep everyone in the loop.

Alerts & Notifications

View, manage, and take action on notifications created from alerts within ISAAC Workspace.

Screenshot of notifications modal



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Mockup of the CMS page in ISAAC Workspace


Schedule content using a drag-and-drop calendar interface.

Easily schedule show systems to turn on and off using repeating events, create audio and video playlists, and so much more.

Focus Mode

ISAAC Workspace is perfectly fitted for multi-window and multi-screen setups.

Screenshot of three screens to show focus mode
ISAAC screen showing the document center for file management

Document Center

Share documents like technical drawings, documentation, and images with your whole team.

Runs on ISAAC Hardware

ISAAC Workspace runs on top of an enterprise-grade platform that provides the highest performance for a diverse set of workloads.

Stand alone servers offering an entry point into virtualization technology. Ideal for small installations.

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Powerful servers for more demanding installations. Perfect for large media experiences, museum, and theme park attractions.

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Digital render of Nemesis 600 Series

Perfect for simple museum exhibit, corporate setup, small entertainment venue, and anywhere redundant hosting is limited to a few subsystems.

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Digital render of Nemesis 800 Series

High performance cluster providing powerful hosting while maintaining maximum uptime. Perfect for very large system.

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