PIXILAB Blocks® is the one-stop-shop software for creating dynamic room experiences.

Display, control, and interact all in one system.

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Virtually Hosted

Blocks® runs as an individual Virtual Machine in ISAAC.


Native integration provides a quick way to monitor and log any Blocks® variables.


Schedule all your Blocks® programming inside of ISAAC’s built-in tools which include calendars and playlists.

Hosting PIXILAB Blocks inside the ISAAC server platform has many management, monitoring and security advantages.”

- Mike Fahl, CTO and Co-Founder at PIXILAB.

Pixilab Blocks® and the Pixilab logo are registered trademarks of PIXILAB Technologies AB

Press Release

PIXILAB and Smart Monkeys Announce Integration Partnership

Linköping, Sweden and Miami, Florida, 24th of May 2022

PIXILAB Technologies AB and Smart Monkeys, Inc. have partnered to create an integration between PIXILAB’s one-stop-shop software Blocks and Smart Monkeys’ AV management platform ISAAC. This integration will help shared clients increase efficiency and harness the power of the two products working together.

Smart Monkeys Co-Founder Stephan Villet commented on the announcement, “This partnership with PIXILAB emphasizes the importance of offering streamlined tools that give each of our clients the ability to work through one platform to streamline efforts. We’re thrilled to join forces and to offer a combination that will prove greatly beneficial for our users.”

PIXILAB Blocks® is software for producing and managing rich experiences for visitor centers, museums, exhibitions, and corporate presentations. It features a unique mix of content and display management, control system capabilities, interactive presentations, and mobile guide functions.

"Hosting PIXILAB Blocks inside the ISAAC server platform has many management, monitoring and security advantages. Especially when combining PIXILAB Blocks with other systems inside the same virtualized environment. ISAAC can then provide a unified entry point and authorization for end users of such combined systems.", says Mike Fahl, CTO and Co-Founder at PIXILAB.

Blocks and ISAAC both share the same affinity for standard network and web technologies. This combination brings a powerful and flexible centralized solution for multi-sensory experience.
About PIXILAB Technologies AB
PIXILAB develops software products and solutions for media-rich experiences in public spaces, corporate showrooms, museums, exhibitions, and other arenas where people get together

For further information on PIXILAB Blocks, please contact: 

Fredrik Svahnberg
T: +46 70 322 85 57 
E: info@pixilab.se

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