Content Management

ISAAC CMS offers a unified workflow to manage different types of playback systems, ingest and store media files, organize and distribute content, and more. Several levels of integration exist for our partner solutions and any playback system can leverage ISAAC CMS with our API.

Media Manager Interface Mockup

Key Features

  • Upload and manage media content within ISAAC itself
  • Deploy media content to player fleets
  • Create customizable compositions for media content

Media Management

The Media Manager is where you can upload, manage, and view media that can be used by players or compositions. You can add, manage, and view compositions in the compositions tab.

Supported media:

  • Image (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .eps, .raw, .dpx, and more)
  • Audio (.mp3, .wav, .flac, .midi, and more)
  • Video (.mp4, .mov, .wmv, .flv, .avi, and more)
  • Image Sequences
List and grid view interface
List & Grid View

ISAAC Workspace allows you to view media in either a list or grid view. The list view compacts useful information whereas the grid view is more relaxed and visually focused.

Filtered search interface
Filtered Search

Dealing with hundreds of media assets isn't a problem with our precise and powerful filtered search. You can also save and recall search presets.

Upload Status Interface
Uploading Media

Adding media assets is just a drag-and-drop away. As files are uploaded in the background, you can keep on working. Upload Status can be viewed from anywhere with just one click.

Image Sequence Interface
Image Sequences

ISAAC CMS supports uploading and managing Image Sequences. You can edit, remove, or add images to any image sequence.

CSV Export Interface
CSV Export

Easily export your entire media asset library data as a CSV file for offline analytics.

Deploying media

All uploaded media assets are stored within ISAAC and made available to Playback Systems only when needed. If media isn't scheduled to play anytime soon, it is deprecated from the Playback local storage to save space. Replacing a faulty player is very simple since media assets are synced once a new player is plugged in.

ISAAC CMS is completely agnostic and provides the same set of features to all Playback systems. This can be achieved by relying on partner native integration, leveraging the ISAAC API, or using a programmable middleware such as Node-RED.

Player Fleet Infographic
Player Fleets

Playback systems are managed as a fleet and can be assigned any media from the CMS.

Content Customization

Content creators can rely on Compositions to create customizable content with minimal training or technical knowledge. This is ideal for quickly changing content for special events and marketing needs.

Composition Editor Interface
Composition Editor

Creating a composition is as simple as selecting a template, adding content, and customizing.

Template Editor Infographic
Template Editor

The Template Editor lets you define the interface elements needed to create a composition based on a template.