Node-Red is a low-code programming for event-driven environment and a credible and very cost effective alternative for most AV control applications.

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OpenJS Foundation





Native Integration

Node-RED is fully embedded into ISAAC Workspace as a Virtual Appliance. Installation only requires one click.


Includes an exclusive set of ISAAC API nodes, ready to use for in its programming environment.

Embedded UI

Both Node-RED flow editor and custom created control panels are fully integrated within ISAAC Workspace.

Why is it called Node-RED?

The name was a light-hearted play on words sounding like 'Code Red'. It stuck and was a great improvement on whatever it was called in the first few days. The 'Node' part reflects both the flow/node programming model as well as the underlying Node.JS runtime.

Node-RED and the Node-RED logo are registered trademarks of the OpenJS Foundation in the United States and/or other countries.

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