Integrate Q-SYS audio and control systems into the ISAAC Ecosystem. Q-SYS Core processors support the ISAAC API thanks to the dedicated plugin. You can also host Q-SYS Designer as an independent VM through ISAAC Connect.

And now, with Q-SYS vCore virtualized processor, you can host Q-SYS Control without requiring additional hardware.

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* Q-SYS DSP cannot be virtualized and therefore Q-SYS Cores are external to the ISAAC platform. Q-SYS Designer software on the other hand, can run inside a Virtual Machine hosted inside the ISAAC platform. Q-SYS vCore virtualized processor runs natively as a VM within ISAAC platform.

ISAAC Plugin

Nothing unusual for Q-SYS programmers who can quickly include the free ISAAC Plugin in their Audio - Control design.


The plugin can monitor a list of Named Controls in the Design and automatically send changes in those values to ISAAC.


Define trigger output pins and use them as events in ISAAC. You can then schedule anything from the ISAAC Workspace.

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