The Hive module leverages advanced ISAAC features to gain advantage of the lighter, greener, more flexible and affordable Hive media control system, inspired by nature’s most intelligent networks.

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Hive Media Control







A quick way to create custom-ready-to-play content based on templates. Great for special events and messaging.


Simply schedule content with drag and drop, and leverage built-in tools such as recurring events and playlists.

Fleet Management

Easily manage many Hive players utilizing the fleet module.

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Press Release

Hive Media Control Ltd. and Smart Monkeys, Inc. Announce Integration of Media Control and AV Management Systems

Horsham, UK, and Miami, FL, USA – June 6, 2024 – Hive Media Control Ltd., a leading British innovator in media control systems, and Smart Monkeys, Inc., a premier American developer of audio-visual workflow platforms, are excited to announce the immediate availability of their integrated solution. This collaboration brings together Hive Media Control's cutting-edge, nature-inspired media control system with Smart Monkeys' advanced audio-visual operation platform, ISAAC, to offer an unparalleled experience in media management.

Hive Media Control Ltd. has developed a lighter, greener, more flexible, and affordable media control system, drawing inspiration from nature's most intelligent networks. This system revolutionizes how media environments are managed, facilitating huge resolutions & high-quality playback with very low power consumption, and priced to not cost the earth.

ISAAC, Smart Monkeys, Inc.'s flagship product, is a comprehensive audio-visual workflow platform with extensive content management system (CMS) capabilities. Known for its robust performance and user-friendly interface, ISAAC is the go-to solution for managing complex AV installations seamlessly.

The integration of Hive Media Control and ISAAC offers users the best of both worlds, combining the intuitive, eco-friendly playback system of Hive with the powerful, feature-rich management capabilities of ISAAC. This integration promises to enhance flexibility, and reduce operational headaches, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

"We are thrilled to partner with Smart Monkeys, Inc. to bring this integrated solution to market," said Mark Calvert, Managing Director of Hive Media Control Ltd. "By merging our innovative media system with ISAAC's sophisticated workflow platform, we are setting a new standard for media control and AV management."

"The synergy between ISAAC and Hive Media Control is truly transformative," added Stephan VIllet, CEO of Smart Monkeys, Inc. "This collaboration will provide our users with a seamless, powerful, and eco-friendly solution that meets the evolving needs of the AV industry."

The integrated solution is available immediately, offering users enhanced control and management of their media systems.
About Hive Media Control Ltd
Hive Media Control Ltd, is a UK-based company specializing in bringing digital experiences to life. We have developed an ecosystem of nature-inspired products that offer ease of use, ease of support, low environmental impact without ever costing the earth. From immersive exhibitions and galleries to ceremonies, live shows, theme parks & high impact advertising, Hive powers experiences that inspire, connect, and captivate audiences.

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