Panels make managing your AV system from one interface easy. Access machines with clientless remote access using ISAAC Connect, create panels from web pages, and add documents like user manuals and SOPs. Group panels in folders and organize them the way you like it with personal panel layouts. All panels come with configurable permissions so you have control over who has access to sensitive information.

Key Features

  • Clientless remote access to any machine with commonly supported protocols.
  • Web pages and documents like user manuals and SOPs can be used as panels.
  • Access module interfaces from our ecosystem using panels.
  • Panels can be configured to be hidden, view only, or full access for each user and role.
  • Organize and manage panels with folders using a personal layout.
ISAAC Connect

Allows for clientless remote access to any machine with supported protocols. View and control without needing to download software.

  • Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Telnet
Web Page in ISAAC Workspace Illustration
Embedded Web Pages

Web pages can be embedded as panels to access the tools and monitoring provided by hardware and devices all from one interface.

Document Preview in ISAAC Workspace Illustration
Document Preview

Create panels to preview images or .pdf files. When grouped in a folder with panels, viewing user manuals and SOPs becomes easily accessible.

Module Panel in ISAAC Workspace Illustration
Module Panels

Partners in our ecosystem can make their interfaces available through panels which allows you to easily control many different types of integrations all from one interface.

Permissions Interface
Panel Permissions Improved

Ensure that sensitive information or controls are only accessed by the right people. Panels can be hidden, view only, or full access for each role.

Panel organization interface
Organizing Panels Improved

Grouping panels in folders helps you stay organized especially when dealing with hundreds of panels. Favorite any panel to add it to the sidebar for quicker access.