Feb 2, 2022


Smart Monkeys, Inc. this month released a major update to its ISAAC platform. This update features faster processors up to Dual 16-core CPU, fast SSDs across the line, and ISAAC Workspace 2.0, the latest version of the advanced unified user interface. ISAAC Workspace 2.0 comes with a fully redesigned experience, modernized look and feel and enhanced capabilities.

“ISAAC Workspace is packed with features that help ISAAC users get more done, leverage a greater ecosystem, and access new tools to manage and monitor their AV systems,” said Stephan Villet, Smart Monkeys’ Managing Partner. “We think our customers are going to love the new UI design, enjoying the improved workflow, and relying on the new infrastructure section.”
Getting More Done with ISAAC 2.0

New tools in ISAAC Workspace 2.0 are designed to help users get more done, stay informed and work faster:

  • A completely redesigned UI brings clarity and refinement to the overall operational workflow. Table views have been improved, modal windows have been rethought entirely, and visual cues and colors make the user interface globally more readable and efficient.
  • The new Infrastructure section offers visual insights and historical data about the underlying infrastructure and system connections, offering a powerful tool for troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • In the Content Management System section, a new grid view facilitates media selection. The Media Manger now provides table view customization, improved filtered search, and CSV export. The ISAAC CMS now also support Image Sequences.
  • Focus Views help working in a multi-window or multi-screen environment, opening views in separate Windows or Tabs.

Shipping ISAAC systems run ISAAC Workspace 2.0. All currently in operation ISAAC systems under proper software Support and Subscription contract (SnS) are eligible for free upgrade.

Ever Expending Ecosystem

As the product feature set expands, so does ISAAC partners ecosystem:

  • A new Crestron SIMPL Module brings the full potential of the ISAAC API to the manufacturer’s 3 & 4 Series Control Processors. For an even more converged experience, Crestron VC4 can simply be hosted within ISAAC without the need for additional hardware.
  • PIXERA control is now supporting the ISAAC API natively. The direct integration is aimed at giving users the best of both worlds; ISAAC’s unmatched high-level system health and maintenance capabilities coupled with fine-grained access to the PIXERA content editing and presentation platform.
  • Also recently added are QSC Q-SYS, Brightsign, Zeevee, and Megapixel OMNIS modules.