Jul 1, 2022

ISAAC Version 2.1 Release Notes

Create network switch assets in 2.1 and monitor them as a whole asset or select individual ports to view granular health states. Creating panels has never been easier with the new panel creation workflow. 2.1 also brings an expanded ecosystem with new partners and modules.

New Panel Features

My Panels is now a menu in the side navigation which means you can edit your panel layout from any page. You can now search for a panel by name allowing you to save time especially when managing hundreds of panels.

All Panels is a new menu that displays all of the panels you have access to and when a new panel becomes available for you, you will see the "New!" tag next to it. From here, you can also create new panels from any page using the plus icon or quickly jump to the System > Panels page using the cog icon.

Recent is a new menu that displays the panels you have recently opened.

Favorites is a new feature that allows you to easily add or remove panels from the main navigation. This is especially useful when you have panels that you use frequently and if you have used ISAAC in the past, this is what you are familiar with.

New panel creation workflow
Creating panels has never been easier with the new panel creation workflow. Create ISAAC Connect, web page, document viewer, and module panels from any page in ISAAC. Learn more

New Asset Types

Create network switch
assets in ISAAC that match the physical layout of your network switch using our presets. We can also easily upload custom layout configurations for your system if you have a switch that does not match our common presets.

Monitor network switch health as a whole asset or select individual ports to view granular health states.

In addition to viewing the health of each ports, you can also monitor if the port status is up or down in real-time.

Monitor if ports are experiencing low, medium, or high amounts of traffic in real-time.

Monitor the port speed of each port in real-time.

O3 Multisensor
With the O3 Multisensor, you can monitor current and historical light levels, sound, humidity, temperature and more all from within the Asset Dashboard.

New Modules

Pharos is a scalable system of embedded lighting control hardware, custom designed for performance and reliability. The free Pharos Designer 2 software is an intuitive yet advanced interface for programming your chosen Pharos controller, which can then be left to run with no external computer necessary.

Other Features

Broken Links
Broken links can happen when events, playables, variables, or panels are changed or removed from the module sub-system. This new feature allows you to view which links are broken and delete the ones that are no longer needed.

Connection status for players in Player Manager
View if your players are connected or not connected to the system and see what time they were last connected.

Improved Instant Play
The new Instant Play design provides a better workflow to instantly play media to a media player with instant play support.

Everything Else

  • Modules can now have optional descriptions set.
  • User avatars are now shown in the users and recipients tables.
  • Calendar items now show the full name in a tooltip on hover if they are too long to be displayed normally.
  • In the Calendar Library, Events and Playables now show their origin.
  • When PIN is enabled, users without a set PIN level will now be shown.
  • Panels now show the module logo.
  • Improved Sign In.
  • Improved system role permissions.
  • Improved performance for Calendar Library.
  • Improved My Panel editor.
  • Improved Notification Center.
  • Improved modals for duplicate files in the document center.
  • Improved Interface panel layout and theme options.
  • Zones are now visually displayed as tags.
  • Fixed bug where save button stayed disabled after saving and making new changes.
  • Fixed bug where file size slider in filtered search would not update the values in the text boxes.
  • Fixed bug where unsaved changes modal will appear in system settings when it is saved.
  • Fixed bugs in Composition Editor.
  • Fixed other various bugs