Jan 30, 2023

ISAAC Version 2.2 Release Notes

Integrate alerts with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and any application with incoming webhooks. Sign in with Express Lane to quickly access panels from a mobile device. Create alerts for assets and the platform. Experience many improvements and bug fixes to the ISAAC Workspace with version 2.2.


Be more connected with your system using integrations. Add any number of integrations to any alert for maximum control over your notification experience. Once configured, this flexibility allows your system to automatically send alert messages to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and any application that allows for incoming webhooks. That way the right people in your team are notified and even team members who aren’t ISAAC users can still be in the loop.

Express Lane

Utilize Express Lane to quickly access panels on a tablet or mobile device. This is perfect if you only need to quickly access a couple of panels in your system, especially if you are on-site using a tablet. When enabled, “Express Lane Sign In” appears as an option, allowing you to sign in using a PIN.


Dive into details easier with the new variables page design! View more relevant information about your variables like if it’s from an asset, module, or ISAAC itself. The columns have been reorganized to help you spend less time finding information and more time understanding it!


In addition to creating alerts for modules, in 2.2 you can now create alerts for assets and the platform! This new alert creation experience has also been redesigned to reduce the time it takes to create alerts by bringing critical information out of dropdowns and displayed in a more human-friendly visual way.


Configuring the security of your system is critical, that’s why we’ve improved the way you set role permissions in ISAAC. Using human-centered language and iconography, setting role permissions is now more intuitive and easier to do, reducing potential configuration errors!

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Media cards in media manager are now more visually balanced
  • Players in Player Manager can now be sorted by their mode
  • You can now duplicate blocks, days, and playlists
  • You can now set the version of NodeRED panels
  • Clearing your avatar will reset immediately instead of requiring a refresh
  • Focus view no longer clears existing URL parameters
  • Panels that are images will now fit to screen size instead of overflowing
  • Grey theme is now more accessible
  • Calendar hotkeys are now shown in contextual help
  • Unsaved changes message now appears if there are unsaved changes when trying to logout
  • Up & Down status icons for network switches have been updated to represent their meaning better.
  • Roles permissions are now sorted to match the navigation order
  • Panels in role permissions are now sorted alphabetically
  • Added border to side navigation for better accessibility
  • Fixed error that occurs when dragging a panel on top of itself in My Panels
  • Panels now must have unique names
  • Fixed error that prevented automatic shutdown from being enabled
  • Automatic shutdown toggle styling improved to be more intuitive
  • When creating an embedded webpage panel, the URL field now waits longer before checking and re-focuses the field after the check is complete for a better user experience.
  • The protocol for ISAAC Connect panels has been added to the type column 
  • Focus in new window button now appears on one line
  • Improved spacing on asset dashboard
  • Changed icon for hidden permission to be more intuitive
  • ISAAC Connect panel passwords can now be viewed when editing the panel with permission.
  • Unified border radiuses to improve consistency
  • Media selection table now keeps the number of columns and the view mode that is set between different selections
  • Added check for the unsupported media type MPEG to prevent browser crashes when trying to play that media type
  • When adding a new log entry, criticality field is no longer empty when one is selected
  • Fixed issue where a composition could not be edited after cloning it
  • Removed start and end time input fields for day events
  • Panels opened in focus view now fill page height
  • Fixed issue where non-composite variables were able to be deleted
  • “Are you still here” no longer logs you out after clicking continue
  • Fixed issue where playlist items would be added in the wrong order when dragging and dropping
  • When editing a playlist, primary action buttons are now always visible regardless of playlist length to improve user experience.
  • When editing a variable, the current variable value is displayed across all tabs.
  • After saving a composition, the scroll will reset to the top of the page as expected
  • You can now manually trigger alerts to test them
  • Password validation improved when creating a new user
  • Recent panels list can now be cleared
  • Media thumbnails can now be reset to the default
  • Default avatar updated with more contrast
  • Address field in asset setup now allows for DNS names instead of just IP’s
  • Notification center loading improved
  • Switching between default and advanced filtered search no longer clears some fields
  • Fixed issue with creating sunrise/sunset scheduled calendar items
  • Playables that are set to loop mode do longer show in the calendar library
  • Fixed issue where filtered search clear button was not being disabled when there was nothing to clear
  • Dropdowns now have a border for improved accessibility in some cases
  • Fixed issue where players in the player manager could not be sorted by name
  • Fixed issue where saving a block/day/playlist after changing its name overrides the new name
  • You can now add a panel from the all panels tab in the side navigation
  • Playables for modules now sort by name correctly
  • O3 Multi-sensor now uses the custom icon
  • Improved workflow for uploading a directory in media manager
  • Fleet modules now show their health state
  • Improved text truncation for tables
  • Repeating information is now shown on repeating calendar items
  • Added skeleton loading to various places
  • Improved filtered search for the asset dashboard
  • Media can now be previewed in both list and grid view in media manager
  • Module players now show their health state
  • When editing a playlist, the selected playlist item now has a clear selected state
  • Added ability to preview playable from the properties tab in the calendar
  • Added player and module columns to the playlist editor
  • Changed visual style of popups
  • Added empty state messages throughout app
  • Improved workflow after saving a block, day, or playlist
  • Updated URL path naming to better match their respective pages
  • Placeholder is now shown when playable has missing media
  • Improved how tags are truncated
  • Added resize handle to some description boxes