Jul 25, 2023

ISAAC Version 2.3 Release Notes

ISAAC version 2.3 was released on Friday, July 21st, 2023 bringing support for the new Foundation Series, NanoSuite, ETC Mosaic Module, bug fixes, and so much more!

ISAAC Foundation Support

2.3 Introduces new features specifically designed for the Foundation Series. Utilizing cutting-edge technology to offer unparalleled performance and reliability, the Foundation Series allows you to quickly and easily monitor and manage your AV system. In ISAAC Workspace, you'll find a simplified and improved platform page as well as additional network, date, and time configurations.

NanoSuite Module

Integration at its finest. Nanolumens is bringing you a new software module built to work within the ISAAC© platform. Within the NanoSuite module, users can monitor their Nanolumens display performance, control and schedule displays, manage content, review historical performance, and troubleshoot from the single interface. NanoSuite and the ISAAC© system have the ability to work completely local, on-premises (On-Prem), via API, or through remote access. The NanoSuite module is exclusively available as part of the NanoSuite service offering provided by Nanolumens, Inc. Learn more

ETC Mosaic Module

Manage and monitor ETC Unison Mosaic controllers from ISAAC with this powerful native integration. Learn more

New API Guide

Our new API Guide is designed to streamline your development process with seamless integration and comprehensive documentation.

Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Added information into the User Manual on how duration is computed in compositions. This information is now also available as a helper in the side-bar of the Template Editor
  • Email alerts information in ISAAC for integration can now be disabled if email alerting is not desired anymore
  • OMNIS Application has been updated to version v22.10.1
  • The field to setup hostname/IP for infrastructure/platform connection (ESXI) now only expects either the IP address or the hostname, not prefix nor suffix are required anymore
  • A "change without notice" disclaimer chapter has been added into the User Manual as well as the API Guide
  • Few aesthetic improvements in the User Manual
  • The field which refers to Description in the Add User Account dialog is not named as such in the Edit User dialog, nor in the list of users [ISAAC-A-2669]
  • When entering a password in the email settings dialog, password field is displayed as plain text instead of obfuscated characters [ISAAC-A-2691]
  • When creating a template using Template Editor, dropping a Radio Button widget does not work out of the box because the validation condition is not set to Joi.string() by default [ISAAC-A-2704]
  • A module within a fleet (i.e Players in a Media Player fleet) does not automatically update its status on the modules page, refresh of the page is required to update it [ISAAC-A-2631]
  • A module within a fleet (i.e Players in a Media Player fleet) reports its status as Unknown instead of the actual status, even when the page is refreshed [ISAAC-S-613]
  • Blocks can be saved without mandatory items starting at 0, using "Save as" button [ISAAC-A-2690]
  • Loop/Schedule mode is displayed for fleet modules whereas it has no usage at fleet level (only player level) [ISAAC-A-2667]
  • Creating a playlist with no Media or no Events or no Playables hangs [ISAAC-A-2668]
  • The Workspace Live Schedule shows a blank page although they are active items in the schedule [ISAAC-A-2699/ISAAC-S-525]
  • When an error happens while saving panels, there is no message informing about it, just the success toast message [ISAAC-A-2658]
  • Toggling alert Active on/off option fails with a 400 error [ISAAC-S-546]
  • In some circumstances, after creating or editing an alert, the associated trigger variable is not saved [ISAAC-S-621]
  • In the Infrastructure > Asset > Network Switch view, selecting a Port does not load the ports information [ISAAC-S-432]
  • When adding a playable on to the schedule or into a playlist, the Pixera Fleet shows up as a player, whereas it shouldn’t, as a fleet is not a player [ISAAC-A-2670/ISAAC-S-526]
  • In the Alert page, the table has a column for the Module Name, but it actually shows the Module ID instead of its name [ISAAC-A-2688]
  • Scheduled backups are not creating any backups on the system at the specified time (backups are created based on UTC time instead of local time) [ISAAC-S-521]
  • Manual internal links as well as contextual help within ISAAC Workspace are not working anymore [ISAAC-A-2687]
  • In some circumstances, when a schedule has a lot of events or when these events are complex, requesting the schedule could cause the underlying schedule service to crash [ISAAC-S-483]
  • On the Schedule Editor, checking the "Select All" check box does also select filtered out items [ISAAC-A-2710]
  • When a media upload fails due to disk full, no error message is displayed which lets think that the media has been uploaded successfully [ISAAC-S-412]
  • When an asset does not respond to ping, but a previous ping response time has been received, the ping response time metric is considered healthy whereas it shouldn’t [ISAAC-S-283]
  • Sometimes, Tags in tables will just display "+X more" instead of displaying the actual tags even when there is enough space in the column [ISAAC-A-2630]
  • "Something when wrong" page is displayed when selecting a Module in the Logs page’s Filtered Search side panel [ISAAC-A-2674]
  • In some circumstances, the module page would not display modules in the list anymore [ISAAC-S-593]
  • In certain circumstances, assets cannot be deleted (clicking on the Delete button won’t delete the asset) [ISAAC-S-494]
  • On the modules page, searches that only have 1 result show the empty state "No modules" below the found module [ISAAC-A-2683]
  • In some circumstances, ISAAC system could not be shutdown [ISAAC-S-377/ISAAC-A-2645]
  • In the calendar toolbox, the scrollbar covers buttons on mac with firefox [ISAAC-A-2644]
  • In some circumstances, history of metrics were not retrieved properly [ISAAC-S-459]
  • Selecting network switch port on the Asset Dashboard generates a 500 error [ISAAC-S-431]
  • ISAAC Platform Shutdown Indicates there is nothing to shut down, even though the system is fully powered on [ISAAC-S-228]
  • In some cases, Settings > Modules page couldn’t be seen due to missing permissions [ISAAC-A-2653]
  • Sometimes, in Infrastructure:Platform view, an Alarm not found error message is displayed when expanding the alarm line [ISAAC-S-374]
  • When trying to open a panel in Focus mode, most of the time, it doesn’t work [ISAAC-A-2664]
  • Validating uniqueness of the name, when creating a panel from a registered panel was not performed [ISAAC-A-2665]
  • Selecting Module in Logs Filtered Search dialog shows a "Something went wrong" page [ISAAC-A-2674]
  • Filtering Activity Logs doesn’t work when multiple filters are combined, and gives an empty list [ISAAC-S-616]
  • On the Systems > System Settings panel, changing a parameter in one tab, then changing tab and accepting "Leave without saving" when "Unsaved Changes" dialog opens, will make the navigation from tab to tab always asking again for "Unsaved Changes" [ISAAC-A-2712]
  • Schedule’s events are no longer triggered over RPC socket for modules' integration using TCP Schedule mode [ISAAC-S-567]
  • A user with low privileges can have his privilege elevated to admin if he is granted the permission to create tokens for API calls [ISAAC-S-508]
  • Sometimes, modules' last_contacted_at and is_alive variables show a blank last value, event though the value has been updated [ISAAC-S-585]
  • Often, HTML based panel wouldn’t open as iframe within ISAAC UI but open a new tab, even though the page is iframe friendly and the panel as been set as iframe [ISAAC-S-587]
  • OMNIS module connection state randomly toggle between Connected and Disconnected even though the connected is actually stable [ISAAC-S-601]
  • NodeRed module plug’in has been improved and some issues fixed on Event, Playable, Variable, Log Entry and Control Panel nodes, as well as a better error message handling on all nodes [ISAAC-NodeRed-30]
  • REST API GET /api/v1/schedule?objectList=true response has an empty object in it which is not expected. [ISAAC-S-353]
  • REST API user panels endpoints (ex GET /api/v1//users/{id}?availablePanels) return a 500 error message. [ISAAC-S-442]
  • Some REST API endpoints are returning the header Content-Type as application/json; charset=utf-8 instead of application/json [ISAAC-S-376]
  • Newly created panels are not returned by GET /api/v1//users/{id}?availablePanels endpoint [ISAAC-S-383]
  • REST API GET /api/v1//platform/host/actions/system/shutdown return a 500 error message, although the shutdown did happen [ISAAC-S-563]
  • REST API DELETE /api/v1/events/{{ID}} accepts random text as ID, which causes deletion of unwanted event [ISAAC-S-562]
  • REST API, some endpoints such as GET /api/v1/users randomly return 500 error [ISAAC-S-465]
  • REST API GET /api/v1/schedule returns 500 Internal Server Error if the header if-modified-since is passed, which breaks modules' integration using it [ISAAC-S-603]
  • REST API GET /api/v1/schedule items payload’s properties startTimeLocal and endTimeLocal are missing time fraction part, which may break some modules' integration [ISAAC-S-595]
  • REST API GET /api/v1/schedule?subsystemExternalId= does not return 404 Not Found as expected when a non existing subsystemExternalId parameter is provided [ISAAC-S-600]
  • REST API PUT /api/v1/controlpanels/{id} returns 500 Internal Server error when the full control panel object is provided as payload [ISAAC-S-594]
  • REST API PUT/POST /api/v1/variables endpoints do not accept the playload property subsystemId provided as a string anymore (only as a number) and returns a 400 error message. While the update of the specification requires now to pass this property as a number, a string value is now still accepted for backward compatibility reason, as long as the string converts into a non zero number [ISAAC-S-602]
  • REST API PUT/POST /api/v1/variables endpoints require subsystemId as a mandatory field, whereas only subsystemExternalId field is specified to be mandatory to identify the subsystem [ISAAC-S-620]