Jun 3, 2024

ISAAC Workspace Version 2.4 Release Notes

ISAAC Workspace version 2.4 was released on May 31st, 2024 bringing a new Composition Preview feature, Hive and VERTEX modules, support for the new gen 4 platform, and so much more!

Composition Preview

Creating compositions has never been easier with the addition of Composition Preview. You can now preview any composition right inside the composition editor. Simply make the changes you want to the composition, generate the preview, and see how it turned out!

Hive & VERTEX Module

Both HiveVERTEX modules have been added to ISAAC in 2.4. The Hive module leverages advanced ISAAC features to gain advantage of the lighter, greener, more flexible and affordable Hive media control system, inspired by nature’s most intelligent networks. The VERTEX module offers advanced features and functionalities that will elevate the quality and efficiency of video content management, ensuring seamless delivery and operation.

Occupancy Count O3 Multi-Sensor Metric

O3 Multi-Sensors gets the new Occupancy Count metric in 2.4. Occupant estimation uses onboard sensors and machine learning to estimate the number of people in a space. This metric can be viewed in the Asset Dashboard.

Gen 4 Platform Support

The 4th Generation of ISAAC Hosting Platform features faster processors up to Dual 20-core CPU, faster memory and storage across the board, and a new high availability architecture.

ISAAC Nemesis is now more compact with the replacement of the previous generations shared storage unit by a much smaller Quorum Appliance. This means a more straightforward approach to redundancy and a simplified connectivity, while still providing automated hardware failover.

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Full Changelog

New Features
  • Support for ISAAC 4th Generation & its new virtualization platform.
  • Compositions can now be previewed, when the Subsystem, for which the Templates are made, does support it.  
  • A new module ioversal Vertex has been added to support Vertex media servers.
  • A new module Hive has been added to support Hive media players.
  • The Q-SYS module 2.0 has been redesigned in a more modular and powerful way.
  • The Pixera module 1.0 is now available, supporting 24H timeline as well as native support for Compositions.
  • The O3 Sensor now support a new Occupant Estimation metric, providing an estimation of the number of people within a room, without using a camera.
  • An option has been added to NodeRed and Omnis modules creation dialog to provide the selection between Internal and External hosting, and provide support for externally hosted NodeRed or Omnis instances.
  • NodeRed module now includes a node to read messages sent by ISAAC.
  • A series of recurring items can now be edited or deleted from any of its children, whereas previously, these operations must be done from the first item.
  • When editing a series of recurring items from one of its children, it is now possible to chose the option "This and future occurrences" option.
  • The Trigger Alert button on the Alert page is now greyed out when an alert does not support manual triggering.
  • In the Media Manager, hovering over the size of media displays its size in bytes. This information gives the exact size of media, in addition to its size expressed in KB, MB, or GB (ISAAC uses 1000 for a Kilo, i.e, Kilobytes as opposed to 1024 KibiBytes).
  • In the Modules page, the Register Module dropdown now displays the number of remaining modules granted by the license for each type.
  • The System Host Name in the System > System Settings > General page is no longer an editable field and now displays the actual ISAAC Workspace System name.
  • The user personal settings page has been improved, renaming Personal Settings to My Settings and My Security tab has been divided into My Preferences and My Tokens tabs.
  • When a user has a Panel opened for which the embedded page has a different origin, the inactivity timeout cannot be monitored for security reasons, and the user will not be signed out. An "Inactivity Sign Out Pause" toast message is now displayed in the upper banner to make the user aware [ISAAC-A-2904].
  • The message "_Configuring Node-RED server, this may take some time._" is now displayed instead of a 404 error message, when attempting to open a NodeRed Panel before the NodeRed instance has finished starting [ISAAC-A-2888].
  • In the Player Manager, the Identify button is now only available when the selected Players do support Show Identity feature. A selection of Players that do not all support this feature still shows the button as disabled [ISAAC-A-2945].
  • Breadcrumbs navigation (path of pages) displayed on certain pages can now be clicked to navigate [ISAAC-A-2894].
  • A tooltip has been added in the Modules > Variables Alert column to indicate symbols meaning [ISAAC-A-2967].
  • When deleting a Subsystem, alongside with the after Compositions & Templates when this Subsystem is a Preview Target (see New Features above), the affected compositions number of this Subsystem has also be added [ISAAC-A-2924].
  • The REST API `DELETE /api/v1/assets` is now protected against the deletion of Assets that are owned and managed by other ISAAC entities.
  • The REST API `/api/v1/subsystem/:id/compositions` endpoint have been deprecated [ISAAC-S-1215]
Bug Fixes
  • Exporting logs using some export log options, such as Last Month or Last Week, resulted in an empty exported log file [ISAAC-S-1138].
  • Variable Last Contacted At for a Fleet is not updated properly to reflect Players' Last Contacted At variable's state [ISAAC-S-1133].
  • Changing an existing scheduled item may result in 404 messages even though the change happens correctly [ISAAC-A-2937].
  • In the Asset Dashboard, the motion sensor metric of an O3 sensor shows as if there is no data even though there has been motion. The meaning (Unknown/Detected/Not Detected) of the reported numerical values is now displayed instead of the numerical values [ISAAC-A-2936].
  • When adding or changing an avatar image in the user profile, the image is properly registered, and the avatar is displayed correctly, but upon validation, an error message saying that the avatar object was not found is displayed [ISAAC-A-2926].
  • Updating an available panel, such as changing the description may result in 502 error messages [ISAAC-S-1080].
  • In some circumstances, creating a NanoSuite controller may cause ISAAC background tasks to stop being performed [ISAAC-S-1079].
  • Sometimes, dropping an item into the Calendar displays a "sunrise/sunset schedule is disabled" error message, even though the Sun Scheduling option is enabled in the Schedule settings [ISAAC-S-1074].
  • Updating a parent in a series of Calendar's scheduled items creates duplicated items [ISAAC-A-2928].
  • Dragging the parent of a series of Calendar's scheduled items to be a few hours earlier and pick "All occurrences" does not change the dates, whereas it does when dragging the series from a child [ISAAC-S-1175].
  • The Forgot Password option is not displayed anymore in the user login dialog, even though email settings are correct and validated, and the option is enabled in the Security options [ISAAC-S-1066].
  • Reset option in Settings > Security > Password asks for setting up email, even though email settings are correct and validated [ISAAC-S-927].
  • The duration of a Playlist is incorrectly displayed in the Playlist Editor if there is a positive or negative gap value defined in this Playlist [ISAAC-A-2909].
  • A user having a role with only Infrastructure access gets errors loading the infrastructure platform page [ISAAC-S-1040].
  • Creating a role with full access does not result in a full access permissions set if created selecting individual "Full Access" permissions instead of the global "All Full Access" [ISAAC-A-2897].
  • A 403 error message toast can be displayed on pages that display "Updated By" item's information, when the login user has limited access rights [ISAAC-A-2999].
  • A user can be unexpectedly signed off, even though the delay defined in "Inactivity Sign Out" setting is not expired [ISAAC-S-992].
  • A Composition duration computation does not include durations of Media Selectors if they are included in a Combo Group [ISAAC-A-2877].
  • Compositions containing Combo Group can't be saved after editing if Combo Group items have numerical only Ids (Ids should be alphanumeric) [ISAAC-A-2824].
  • Re-ordering Combo Groups in a Composition Array Group does not re-order them and clears the content [ISAAC-A-2876].
  • When a Composition that is scheduled within a playlist is modified, the schedule doesn't change, while the items in the playlist may have different durations. A information message is now displayed before saving in this situation [ISAAC-A-2961].
  • When editing a Player in the Player Manager, changing Player mode doesn't enable the save button, unless a media is selected [ISAAC-A-2962].
  • In the calendar, when a Playlist is removed or recreated or when the Start Time/End Time of a Playlist is modified, the Schedule is not regenerated to reflect the changes [ISAAC-S-974].
  • A user with a role having only read permission on Platform can still initiate a shutdown [ISAAC-S-971].
  • A user with a role without logs/activity permissions can still submit a log [ISAAC-A-2869].
  • A user with a role without Media Manager access can still see the Upload button and Pane (but they can not Upload nor cancel uploads) [ISAAC-A-2851].
  • A user needs to have roles view permissions to be able to have access to Express Lane, where it is not required [ISAAC-S-1182].
  • When the shutdown imminent toast is displayed due to a shutdown being triggered (UPS), clicking on the X button also cancels the shutdown instead of simply closing the toast as it should [ISAAC-A-2853].  
  • When the shutdown imminent toast is displayed due to a shutdown being triggered (UPS), clicking on the cancellation button does close the toast, but the toast reopens after a short while [ISAAC-S-946].
  • When two browser windows are opened showing the shutdown imminent toast, halting the toast on one window does not halt it on the second window, where it stays displayed [ISAAC-A-2862].
  • Some modules report incorrect remaining available module numbers [ISAAC-S-919].
  • On iPads, the expand/collapse button in the navigation menu is hidden [ISAAC-A-2844].
  • An Error loading subsystem (404) toast is displayed when opening an asset variable in the Variables page [ISAAC-A-2816].
  • In the Platform page, errors when changing a virtual machine's fault tolerance state were not properly handled; it now shows an error toast when changing a virtual machine's fault tolerance state fails [ISAAC-A-2879].
  • In the Platform page, once a virtual machine's fault tolerance has been set, it cannot be unset (fault tolerance disabled) [ISAAC-S-821].
  • The values of Disk Space Used and Total metrics displayed in the Activity or Action settings page are not correct [ISAAC-S-1164].
  • In the Calendar, a Playable end-time is not displayed correctly if the loop count is set (> 1) [ISAAC-A-2944].
  • In a series of recurring Calendar playable items, the children length does not reflect the same length as the first item when the loop count is set (> 1) [ISAAC-S-1167].
  • Clicking away when editing an item in the Calendar doesn't prompt the user for losing the changes [ISAAC-A-2912].
  • Playlists that span over 2 days aren't displayed correctly, and the end time cannot be edited, warning that the end time must be after the start time, even though it is actually after, in the following day [ISAAC-A-2911].
  • Registering a Panel for a Player within a Fleet does not allow creating available panels from it [ISAAC-S-1177].
  • Panels registered by a Fleet's Player, which doesn't have an available panel associated to it, is automatically deleted after a while (cleanup cycle) [ISAAC-S-1274].
  • Sometimes, when opening the Edit Panel dialog, the Name is empty [ISAAC-A-2917].
  • When creating a new Panel of Embedded Web Page type, the URL is verified while the user is typing it [ISAAC-A-2915].
  • Previewing media in the selection page, which has been selected to be assigned to a Player in loop mode, cancels the selection. The selected media is not assigned to the Player [ISAAC-A-2906].
  • A "can't access property 'label'" error may happen while opening the user setting My Settings (now renamed My Preferences) Inactivity tab [ISAAC-A-2905].
  • A newly created user does not inherit the system max inactivity duration setting by default but a duration of 1 hour, and attempting to view/edit this setting gives "a value not found" error message [ISAAC-S-963].
  • The System > Settings > Security > Inactivity tab may display a value of 300 Days which is not an available value [ISAAC-A-2997/ISAAC-S-1244].
  • The platform virtual machine preview is not showing a preview anymore [ISAAC-S-1078].
  • In the calendar, if an item of a series (other than the first one) is edited, and its parameter changed (e.g. start date or start time), the user is not prompted for selecting if the change is for the series or just for this occurrence [ISAAC-A-2892].
  • Editing a Composition where comboGroup is nested in a tabGroup which is itself nested in an arrayGroup results in invalid composition data [ISAAC-A-2890].
  • In the Module page, when registering a Module, selecting first a Fleet and then changing the selection for a non Fleet Module does not clear the auto-generated Module ID value from the Fleet [ISAAC-A-2867].
  • In pages having a navigation widget on the bottom, typing a page number to navigate to another page is refreshed too fast, and the number is truncated before finishing tapping [ISAAC-A-2860].
  • Deleting all Calendar's recurring items except the first one does not remove the recurring mode, although there is no recurrence anymore [ISAAC-S-929].
  • When putting an item on the Calendar, using the quick type for capturing the time doesn't work as expected for values in the range 1200-1259. Quick Type documentation has also been updated in the User Manual [ISAAC-A-2852].
  • Clicking on the Cancel button in the Variable form can sometimes redirect to a wrong page [ISAAC-A-2841].
  • When creating/editing a Token, the Description field content is not saved [ISAAC-S-880].
  • On new instances, by default, the admin user account has an invalid defined avatar [ISAAC-S-858].
  • When editing a User, attempting to clear the Note/Description field does not work and keep the previous value [ISAAC-S-1183]
  • Changing the end time of a Calendar recurring items series, where the last occurrence has been made independent (move it away from the series) and afterwards deleted, brings back this occurrence [ISAAC-S-856].
  • Clicking remove button when a Calendar item with recurrence has been created (but still selected) does not show the "All Occurrences/Just This Occurrence" option dialog [ISAAC-A-2821].
  • Typing start time in the textbox of a calendar item has a too short auto-completion timeout, which leads to unwanted entry values [ISAAC-A-2951], and to fallback to the wrong time if the browser is not in the same timezone as ISAAC [ISAAC-A-2959].
  • In the Asset Dashboard, Network Switch ports with non zero orientation render incorrectly in Safari when the page is zoomed in or out [ISAAC-A-2695].
  • In the Asset Dashboard, a "Oops! Something went wrong." can happen after trying to add certain models of Network Switches (witnessed with a Netgear Switch GS724Tv4) [ISAAC-A-2980].
  • Renaming a Network Switch in the Asset Manager fails and causes a Service Unavailable error message [ISAAC-S-1228].
  • In a Module page, the Last Contacted At and Contact Timeout values mismatch between the General tab and the Variables tab. Last Contacted At display now an empty value when the module has never contacted ISAAC [ISAAC-A-2902].
  • Date/Time is shown as '2000-01-01T00:00:00.000Z' instead of an empty value when not defined, which caused ISAAC-A-2902 [ISAAC-S-1191].
  • In the Media Manager, when a tag is created on freshly new uploaded media, trying to filter by this tag shows a 400 error and display an empty result [ISAAC-A-2973].
  • When creating a Network Switch Asset, a SNMP Community value other than `public` is not taken into account, resulting is the switch not returning data [ISAAC-S-1180].
  • In the Playlist Editor, long Playlist names overflow the pill that display them [ISAAC-A-2910].
  • NodeRed's ISAAC schedule node do not expect `getUpcomingItems` as mentioned in the documentation but `getUpcoming`. Both commands are now supported to ensure backward compatibility [ISAAC-NR-39].
  • Calling the REST API `PUT /api/v1/events` without the `displayName` or the `description` fields provided overwrites them to empty [ISAAC-S-979].
  • Accessing the Swagger API documentation using `/docs/v1` url does not work, unless the url has an ending `/`, i.e. `/docs/v1/` [ISAAC-S-1166].
  • REST API `POST/PUT /api/v1/events` does not enforce uniqueness of `displayName` property [ISAAC-S-975].
  • REST API `POST/PUT /api/v1/compositions` does not enforce uniqueness of `displayName` property [ISAAC-S-1128].
  • REST API `POST/PUT /api/v1/playables` does not enforce uniqueness of `displayName` property [ISAAC-S-1102].
  • REST API `GET /api/v1/compositions` returned payload `templatePath` property does not match the swagger schema, it should be an object with only the name and the group of the template [ISAAC-S-1099].
  • REST API `DELETE /api/v1/playables/orphan` swagger definition for the returned payload is incorrect [ISAAC-S-1098].
  • REST API `GET /api/v1/users` swagger definition for the returned payload is incorrect [ISAAC-S-903].
  • REST API `POST/PUT /api/v1/assets` does not enforce uniqueness of `displayName` property [ISAAC-S-883].
  • REST API `GET /api/v1/infra/assets/{id}/historicCounts` endpoint returned payload is missing the `metricsChangeHistory` property in the `_links` object [ISAAC-S-881].
  • REST API `POST /api/v1/infra/assets` endpoint returned payload is missing the `self` property in the `_links` object [ISAAC-S-870].
  • REST API `PUT /api/v1/assets` clears fields that are not specified in the payload instead of preserving their values [ISAAC-S-879].
  • REST API `GET /api/v1/assets` endpoint payload does return an invalid `_updatedAt` value when the property is not set [ISAAC-S-871].
  • REST API `DELETE /api/v1/variables` endpoint does not protect the deletion of metrics (variables) that are owned and managed by an Asset [ISAAC-S-873].
  • REST API `GET /api/v1/assets/{id}/historicCounts` endpoint returns `lastValue` property as "undefined" value in its payload instead of "" when the value is not defined [ISAAC-S-867].
  • REST API `POST /api/v1/controlpanels` endpoint expects a location parameter, but if omitted, it'll default to available even if the payload contains "location": "registered" [ISAAC-S-1178].
  • REST API `GET /api/v1/playables/{id}/copyToPlayerStatus` response missed the `_links` property as defined in its swagger definition [ISAAC-S-1111].
  • REST API `PUT /api/v1/subsystem/:id/variables/:externalRef` and `PUT /api/v1/subsystem/:id/events/:externalRef` endpoints don't handle the externalRef value correctly, if the `externalRef` property passed in the payload is different from the parameter value [ISAAC-S-1210/ISAAC-S-1206].
  • REST API `GET /api/v1/subsystems/...` endpoints do not return itemCounts' properties as integers [ISAAC-S-1199/ISAAC-S-1221/ISAAC-S-1198].
  • REST API `GET /api/v1/subsystems/...` endpoints do not return the `container` property [ISAAC-S-1220].
  • The uniqueness of the property `externalId` of subsystems is not enforced which can cause duplicated values [ISAAC-S-1222].
  • The REST API `GET /api/v1/subsystems/:externalRef/variables/:externalVarRef` returned payload does not match its swagger definition, missing returned properties [ISAAC-S-1202].