Jan 29, 2024

Modulo Pi and Smart Monkeys, Inc. Announce Technical Integration for Enhanced Audio-Visual Experiences

Modulo Pi, the leading French innovator in media server technology, and Smart Monkeys, Inc., a prominent US-based provider of audio-visual management platforms, proudly announce a strategic collaboration to integrate Modulo Pi's cutting-edge media server with Smart Monkeys' advanced audio-visual management platform, ISAAC.

The integration is poised to redefine the landscape of immersive experiences by combining Modulo Pi's expertise in real-time 3D, interactivity, and tracking with ISAAC's powerful content management system features. This synergy promises to deliver unparalleled possibilities for live events, entertainment productions, and installations.

“As the market for media based experience is exponentially expending, Modulo Pi offering is sought after more than ever,” adds Smart Monkeys CEO, Stephan Villet. “We are delighted to welcome them in the ISAAC eco-system.”

Modulo Pi's systems have media server has gained international acclaim for its their capability to seamlessly handle the functions of a media server, while integrating advanced functions of show control, real-time 3D content, interactivity, and precise tracking. By integrating with ISAAC, Smart Monkeys' versatile audio-visual management platform, users can expect a seamless fusion of Modulo Pi's cutting-edge media server technology with ISAAC's comprehensive content management capabilities.

Yannick Kohn, Modulo Pi’s CEO, says:

“In recent years, our media server solutions have been in high demand for immersive experience projects. Through the integration of Smart Monkeys’ ISAAC platform, we foresee a convergence that will unveil new dimensions of integration and deliver enhanced value to AV professionals."

This collaboration reflects the ongoing dedication of Modulo Pi and Smart Monkeys, Inc. to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of audio-visual technology. The joint efforts of the two companies aim to create a solution that empowers professionals across various industries to unlock new dimensions in creativity and audience engagement.

An official announcement detailing the release date and features of the integrated solution will be shared with the public once the development reaches its culmination.

About Modulo Pi

Modulo Pi is a leading French company at the forefront of media server technology. Renowned for its real-time3D capabilities, interactivity, and tracking solutions, Modulo Pi continues to innovate in the field of audio-visual experiences.

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