May 17, 2023

Smart Monkeys announce distribution partnership for ISAAC with The Ci Group in Australia

The new agreement which comes into effect immediately, is aimed at simplifying and accelerating the recognition and availability of ISAAC products in this part of the world.

ISAAC is a powerful software solution that can handle content management, events scheduling, virtual machines hosting and monitoring the complete audio-visual ecosystem in any installation. The product consists of different hardware solutions, combined with a range of software licenses, providing customers with a comprehensive range of options to suit their needs. The software was developed by Smart Monkeys, Inc., a US-based audio-visual solutions company that created ISAAC as an answer to a profound problem encountered on almost every project - the lack of a centralized open software that could talk to different brands and products to control and monitor them.

ISAAC's native ecosystem partners include AV Stumpfl Pixera, Medialon, Brightsign, NodeRed, Q-SYS, ZeeVee and many more. The ISAAC platform also includes a range of different hardware configurations, some of which allow for stacking and running them as a cluster. This way ISAAC can guarantee ZERO downtime for the full ecosystem, including different virtual machines that can be hosted on the hardware. The combination of this integration, the virtual machines and the different hardware configurations make ISAAC a very versatile solution that can easily be customized to meet the needs of any installation or project.

“We are excited to be appointed as the official distributor of Smart Monkeys’ ISAAC,“ said Travis Anderson, COO of the Ci Group. “ISAAC is a ground-breaking software solution that is perfect for the next stage of our evolution. We aim to set the standard in this field.”

“The Ci Group is a preeminent technology integrator in Australia, and together we seek to further the adoption of virtualization platform as the standard solution for powerful and reliable system monitoring and management. The future of this emerging technology is bright, and we look forward to working with the Ci Group team every step of the way.” Stephan Villet, managing partner, Smart Monkeys, Inc.

About The Ci Group

The Ci Group is a leading technology integrator in Australia with a successful history in audio-visual integration that spans more than forty years. Today their technical prowess extends beyond AV to be inclusive of emerging technologies. Throughout its history, the Ci Group has long championed innovation and has built strong client relationships with many of Australia's leading companies and institutions. Its field of operation includes workplace technology, hospitality, education, performance spaces, the sports industry, healthcare, aged care, retail, commercial property and government.

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