Jun 4, 2024

Smart Monkeys, Inc. Joins Q-SYS Technology Partner Program

Smart Monkeys, Inc., leading provider of Media and Entertainment Control solutions, today announces it has joined the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program. This program enables software and hardware technology partners to create market-ready solutions that integrate seamlessly with Q-SYS, a cloud-manageable audio, video and control Platform.

As part of the program, Smart Monkeys has worked closely with Q-SYS, who has fully vetted and endorsed the following plugin integrations with a Q-SYS Certified (developed with Q-SYS and supported by Smart Monkeys and Q-SYS) badge:

ISAAC Platform Plugin Suite

The Smart Monkeys ISAAC Plugin Suite is made up of multiple plugins that when used together allow you to integrate a fully scalable ISAAC system module into your Q-SYS design. The required command processor plugin connects to the ISAAC device via LAN and enables commands to be sent via notifications from the other 4 optional plugins. These other plugins allow Q-SYS and ISAAC to share logs, send event strings, control other components in a design, and/or authenticate PINs that are created in the ISAAC environment.

David Rouchet, Director of Product Development, Smart Monkeys says, “We are excited to release this Q-SYS Plugin, developed in collaboration with Q-SYS, which will, with its granular architecture, bring a lot of flexibility to design systems which integrate ISAAC & Q-SYS.”

“We are proud to have Smart Monkeys join our program and work collaboratively with us on a plugin integration that will enable elevated experiences across our shared customers,” says Geno Zaharie, Principal, Alliances & Ecosystem, Q-SYS.”

About Q-SYS

Make AV smarter. Q-SYS is a cloud-manageable audio, video and control (AV&C) Platform built around a modern, standards-based IT architecture. Since its inception in 2009, it has been architected to deliver personalized, connected and engaging AV experiences.  With established solutions across corporate, education, hospitality, venues & events, cinema, government, healthcare, and transportation, Q-SYS redefines what is possible for live and virtual experiences by uniting hardware and software partners, developers, and creators.