Aug 1, 2020

Smart Monkeys, Inc., partners with RealMotion to expand the reach of its ISAAC platform

Smart Monkeys Inc. is pleased to announce a new partnership with RealMotion as it continues to grow the reach of its ISAAC platform, a centralized management platform for Entertainment and Media systems. The RealMotion ecosystem provides tools for AV integrators, content creators and site operators, allowing them to benefit from end-to-end control of their digital installation.

RealMotion’s award-winning Gold Series servers are designed to serve as the ‘bonding agent’ for permanent installations, bringing together unlimited layers of media, content, devices, equipment and tech infrastructures in order to manage engaging digital installations.

Combining two powerful solutions

The first-ever ISAAC system is in use at LAX airport where it has been used for content management since the beginning. Over half of all ISAAC systems around the world are responsible for managing, distributing, and scheduling content.

RealMotion video servers now natively support ISAAC integration, meaning that two solutions work together to provide a powerful, straight out-of-the-box, content delivery system for media installations. Some examples of this pairing in action are the eye-catching LED visuals at 28 Liberty in New York (pictured top) and the digital sculpture of the Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel in Florida.

“Smart Monkey’s ISAAC Platform has played an important role in the development of the RealMotion ecosystem,” says Jacqueline Geday, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at RealMotion. “We implemented Smart Monkeys’ API into our RealMotion software to ensure total compatibility.“We work in real-time rendering environments, which allows quick access and changes to any scene or generative content pieces. The integration with the ISAAC platform allows us the opportunity to offer our clients control over their projects with a user-friendly content management system. In addition, it allows us to easily integrate other third-party software and hardware to create interactive experiences.

“ISAAC has influenced the way RealMotion tackles and plans a project, and we value our partnership with them.”

A game-changer

“Our main goal with ISAAC is to create an ecosystem around the platform that brings cohesive management interfaces and processes with minimum customization,” says Stephan Villet, Managing Partner at Smart Monkeys, Inc.

“With the native support of our API right within each RealMotion server, users benefit from media ingest, scheduling, and complex media composition features with minimal setup time. The entire system can then be operated within a web-based portal securely accessible from almost any devices. And from that same interface, you can then manage audio, lighting, displays, and more.

“The flexibility of the RealMotion platform has been a game-changer on many of our media related projects here at Smart Monkeys. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them as an ISAAC platform solution partner.”

MONTREAL, Canada and MIAMI, USA August 2021