Feb 16, 2021

ZeeVee and Smart Monkeys Partner to Offer Turnkey SDVoE AVoIP Distribution Solution

Pro AV show control design and programming firm Smart Monkeys, Inc. is partnering with ZeeVee, Inc. to extend the benefits of AVoIP to specialist integrators working on large-scale installations.

ZeeVee’s ZyPer Management Platform now natively supports the ISAAC API which enables users to customize, control, schedule, log and manage complex media presentations via a unified programming and front-end management workspace.

This allows for ZyPer4K SDVoE AVoIP encoders and decoders to be controlled from the ISAAC workspace ‘out of the box’ with no additional programming required. In addition, ISAAC users receive the full complement of ZyPer Management Platform system operation and monitoring data.

The partnership creates a turnkey AV distribution solution for a wide range of larger-than-life AV installations requiring the most sophisticated redundant control, lighting, dynamic video and media management in theme parks, airports, casinos, corporate lobbies, visitor centers, museums, showrooms and beyond.

“We developed the ISAAC Platform to address the market need for aggregator control software that can manage the multiple interfaces of diverse AV components within large-scale installations that are becoming more common in public spaces,”

said Stephan Villet, owner, Smart Monkeys.

“We chose ZeeVee as our partner for AV distribution as it has the deepest experience and success with the SDVoE IP platform, representing the future with significant performance, flexibility and cost-saving benefits over the traditional matrix switch.”

“Smart Monkey’s ISAAC Platform provides integrators faced with more challenging AV projects with a robust, high performing and reliable integrated system they can offer their customers with a high degree of confidence,” said Joseph Chordas, VP Marketing and North American Sales, ZeeVee. “Together, we are well positioned to provide solutions to specialized markets, including entertainment, hospitality, enterprise and others where there is a growing call for the ability to create larger and more immersive visual statements.”

In addition to controlling the distribution of AV signals via ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K encoders and decoders, the ISAAC Platform hosts lighting and show control software using virtualization technology on a high performance server system. It can run multiple operating systems and applications at the same time, while each OS remains fully isolated from each other. This reduces the amount of hardware needed to run required solutions and provides a fully-redundant system in a reduced rack space.

For more information on the ZeeVee and Smart Monkeys partnership, contact Stephan Villet at steph@smart-monkeys.com or Joseph Chordas at jchordas@zeevee.com.

About Smart Monkeys

Smart Monkeys, Inc. is a show control design and programming firm which has contributed to some of the most well-known entertainment projects around the world. The ISAAC Platform has been developed by Smart Monkeys as a centralized management platform for Entertainment and Media systems. ISAAC is the first fully integrated AV/IT platform for pro-AV installations. ISAAC Workspace, the platform software suite, provides a unified programming and front-end client interface and reduces the need for extensive client interface programming and customization.

About ZeeVee

ZeeVee (www.zeevee.com) is a global pioneer and leader in the development and deployment of AV distribution systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications.  As the only manufacturer that can deliver multimedia content over fiber, CATx and coax, ZeeVee has transformed the digital video industry with its award-winning HD to Ultra-HD/4K solutions for the pro AV and IT marketplace. The company offers a variety of innovative, cost-effective and easy to install AVoIP and RF distribution platforms. ZeeVee’s technologies and products are installed in thousands of facilities worldwide where there is a need to transport HD/UHD content from multiple sources to multiple displays over long distances. ZeeVee is a founding member of the SDVoE Alliance and a Global Presence Alliance Technology Partner.