"Everyone wants to know what is ‘the Spectacle?’ It’s a digital canvas, a reflective space. It’s mesmerizing, whimsical and entertaining. You really have to see with your own eyes to understand it.”

- Grant Bowie, CEO & Executive Director, MGM China Holdings

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Our product line evolves regularly to keep ahead of your most intricate requirements. The actual configuration deployed for the above project may differ from the equivalent reference offered below.

Custom Nemesis 900 Series

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Features Used

Get to know which ISAAC features contributed to the success of this project.

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Disguise Playback

This project relies heavily on the native ISAAC / Disguise integration for all content played throughout the space.


This project makes extensive use of the scheduling feature to facilitate content playback throughout the day.

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Medialon for Control

Controlling and monitoring the overall system was programmed using Medialon Manager running in Virtual Machines.