The ISAAC Workspace

One interface, many solutions.


The Workspace is the one place to access the ISAAC tools and features but also your documentation, the setup and configuration pages of most devices, and even access the computers you need for programming and operation.


Bring a sense of what will be delivered as early as the concept phase. End-clients can be anxious to understand how they will operate the system and a completely custom interface isn’t quite reassuring for them. ISAAC provides a predictable and presentable UI and workflow.


New versions brings new features, new tools, and new capabilities. You're not stuck in time because of custom programming. And ISAAC being an off the shelf product, it comes fully documented and supported. The future looks bright.

Access Management

Secure your system and mitigate risk with a robust user management implementation.

ISAAC Connect

Remote in and work instantly with a clientless  access session to any machine.


Embed web pages, link control UIs, access devices, and view documents, seamlessly.


Keep track of every changes in your system, leveraging powerful search tools.

Alerts & Notifications

Be informed based on criticality levels. Alerts can even require users to take action.

System Monitoring

Get the insights you need to monitor the critical elements of your infrastructure.


Schedule actions and content with an easy, drag and drop, user-frinedly interface.

Content Management

Content ingest and management, media compositions, playlisting, and much more.

System Documentation

A central repository for all the system documentation, user manuals, and SOPs.

Access Management

Provide users with their own individual credentials. Temporarily disable them with a click if needed.

Access Management

Define roles for each part of the Workspace so you can determine who has appropriate access level to the system.

Access Management

Manage access security with granular password settings, expiration policy, and login tracking.

ISAAC Connect

Remote access to any machine from within ISAAC Workspace. No plugins required.

ISAAC Connect supports Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP), Virtual Network Computing (VNC), Secure Shell (SSH), and Telnet.


Start logging any variables from your system in the Activity Log with one simple click.


Track user actions in the Action Log so you keep an eye on the whos, when's and what's.


Navigate through logs using powerful search tools and custom presets.



Alerts & Notifications

Create alerts rules with ease. Assign criticality levels, apply automated recovery,  and select recipients.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive timely visual and/or e-mail notifications whenever something isn’t right in your system. Check all of them in the Notification Center.


View and manage schedule in an easy, user-friendly interface. Build reusable structures and compose them based on operational needs.

Focus Mode

ISAAC Workspace is perfectly fitted for multi-window and multi-screen setups.

System Documenation

This is the one place to store every document you may want your users to have access to. Directly accessible within ISAAC Workspace.

Runs on ISAAC Hardware

ISAAC Workspace runs on top of an enterprise-grade platform that provides the highest performance for a diverse set of workloads.

Ideal for themed attractions, museums, corporate displays and visitor centers.

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Ideal for large media experiences, museum-wide systems, and land-wide theme park attractions.

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Ideal for high-visibility themed attractions, museums, corporate displays and visitor centers.

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Ideal for high-visibility media experiences, theme park land control, and museum-wide systems.

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